Welcome to Movie Star Hats

Movie Star Hats is the original men’s hat store to sell hats online, started in 1995. Movie Star Hats has the largest selection of felt fedora hats, straw dress hats, cowboy hats, military hats, and men’s caps. Some of our popular styles include old west hats, movie hats, Indiana Jones hats, cavalry hats, re-enactment civil war hats, Panama hats and more.
Our hat styles are custom made by our experienced hatters and come in a variety of materials such as fur felt, straw hats, Panama, wool hats, and others. Movie Star Hats thrives to sell only those hats that meet our superior quality standards. Our company examines every hat carefully before it’s sold or shipped to a customer. Our experts evaluate the materials, the trims, the sweatbands, the outside accessories, and shapes to provide the customer with the best hat or cap on the market. Movie Star Hats’ goal is to provide the customer with a unique look, a durable hat, a great fit, and a wonderful hat experience. Our motto explains our vision.

Movie Star hats history goes back to 1995, when Mr. Movie Star bought the store from Wormser hats after working for them for 15 years. Wormser hats were around since 1894 and they were primarily known for their exceptional men’s fedora hats in felt and straw. Wormser hats was committed to providing customers with high-quality hats and unsurpassed service. Movie Star Hats adopted the same principle of exceptional customer service and has been servicing hat customers for over 25 years. The company is family-owned and it operates in the Houston area. If you are in the Houston area visit our hat specialists at 13559 Bammel N. Houston Rd., Houston, Texas 77066.

After being in business for over 25 years we have learned how important hats are for our customers. They have taught us that a hat is much more than a piece of clothing; it is a fashion accessory that can mark personality, social status, and lifestyle. The hat plays a very important role in the men’s wardrobe; it instantly sets you apart. It adds elegance and uniqueness to your Style. A dress hat, a cowboy hat, or a men’s flat cap is the most noticeable fashion item anyone can wear. There is an old saying “if you want to get ahead and get noticed, then get a hat”. Without a doubt, a hat that fits you comfortably will always help people remember you.