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Style: 2075 Crocodile Dundee Hat

Outback Lite Felt Hats

If you are looking for a stylish Lite Felt Outback Hat to wear on a variety of occasions this is the hat to go with.  Unlike Derby hats or Top hats that are too formal and baseball caps which are too sporty.  The Lite Felt Outback hat is a fashionable game changer that can be worn outdoor and at any sports activities.  

The Miller Lite Felt Outback hats come in a Black, Pecan and Saddle brown.  The Lite felt Outback hats are made exclusively for Miller Hats in the USA.  The wool felt used in the outback hats collection is un-stiffened and pliable.  The soft lite felt material makes this hat extremely comfortable and affordable.     

The outback hats come with a pinched crown and a 2 3/4” brim.  Variety of bands are also optional with some of the styles...

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